10 Techniques for Marketing your Renewable Energy Business

The consequences of global warming have become more visible hence the need to adopt renewable source of energy. When it comes to marketing renewable power, you need to be very critical since many ways are more cost-effective. Below are top ten marketing tips that will make you thrive in the renewable energy business.

1. Use a website to access customers

Developing your site the best way to inform people how they can best from what you offer. However, the site is no good if no potential customer can access it. You may opt to use pay per click advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound links from relevant websites.

2. Direct marketing

Direct marketing will involve sending out letters either by posts or door to door unaddressed drop. The success of the mechanics will depend on how organized the list is as well as the content of the email. Use of call of action in your headline is essential to eye-catch potential clients.

3. Advertisement

Before proceeding to the ad, it is essential to make clear on the target market, then choose a website or publication that is read by those people. Always use a code that can track the response as well a listening to their opinion about the renewable energy. Use marvelous headings and headlines that can catch the readers attention.

4. Strategic alliances

This includes teaming up with other renewable energy investors to achieve a mutual benefit in the market. For example, recent research shows that people moving in new housing will like to do away with non-renewable energy. Therefore teaming up with real estate agent could result in a mutual benefit.

5. Public relation

PR is all about getting coverage in radios, TV, local papers, and magazine. It is essential to provide vital information about green energy with journalists since it is by that means the public will get relevant information. Talk about how your renewable power is going to save the future generation when called for an interview. Also, provide good stories to the viewer/reader/listener about your contribution to green energy.

6. Email marketing

Email advertisement is among the cheapest means to market your product. It is an instrumental means since you can get people to sign up by clicking the email link. It is also a great way of staying in touch with potential customers by sending them newsletters and sharing with them new ideas of installing renewable energy.

7. Social media

The social platform is an excellent way to capture and deliver sales to most renewable energy installers. You can create your Facebook page and invite as many people as possible to like your page. Using Twitter and Facebook to demonstrate the operation of a product has proved to be the best way to reach many customers by sharing of videos.

8. Upselling existing customers

The method could be complicated for some renewable energy business since it is much more expensive to find a new customer than to sell another product. However, in case you offer a variety of renewable products, there are plenty of chances to help customers upgrade their property over time. If you provide the first quality job, there are higher chances you'll get a call for the next post.

9. Referral system

Many local networks formalize system to business referring to one another. A good referral network is built on trust and get your business referred to potential customers or company. Also, it requires investment since people who give referrals usually get good returns.

10. Testimonials

Although it is not exactly a marketing technique, testimonials are a powerful technique to use across all your marketing. To get the best out of testimonies, ask your clients to be specific about how they liked your renewable energy product and services. Put them on your website and other marketing materials to amplify the effect of customer recommendation.